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Pension Funds Switzerland 2015

is made possible thanks to the following sponsors:










Sammelstiftung Vita

Vita Joint Foundation







   Pension Funds - Pension Funds Switzerland - Multi-Employer Funds

Sammelstiftung Vita




Vita Joint Foundation


Address Contact
Hagenholzstrasse 60 Tel +41 44 317 1070
8050 Zürich


Facts and Figures


Foundation 2003
Membership 116'968 active, 10'620 retired
Assets 10'770 million
Performance 2015 1.23%
Performance over 5 years p.a.
Funded Ratio 104.30%



Senior Contacts


 Function  Contact Name


Chairman of the Foundation Board

of Vita Joint Foundation


 Peter E. Naegeli

Chief Executive Officer


 Samuel Lissse



The largest semi-autonomous joint foundation


The Vita Joint Foundation is the largest semi-autonomous joint foundation in Switzerland, currently with 19,725 affiliated companies and around 117,000 policyholders.


With pension plans tailored to needs, we provide the right insurance coverage for our customers and their employees. Attractive interest payments for retirement savings capital can be offered thanks to a top ranking in terms of return on investment.


Outperforming in 2015

In the past difficult investment year, Vita Joint Foundation earned a return of 1.23% with its investment strategy focusing on long-term security, outperforming the average return for Swiss pension funds of 0.7%.

Vita Classic pension planning model allows high interest rates
Thanks to our innovative pension model and stable income base, employees of the affiliated companies can in these times of low interest rates benefit from a high rate of 2.25% on the mandatory retirement assets and 3% on the super-mandatory assets.


Partnership with top class insurance partner Zurich


Customer service, risk reinsurance and pension services are provided for the Vita Joint Foundation by the insurance partner Zurich. Under the brand Vita, the Vita Joint Foundation will continue to bolster its offer of up-to-date occupational retirement provision in the interest of affiliated companies and their policyholders.



Asset Allocation and Returns




 Assets  Allocation   Returns 


Liquidity  2.84%    2.95%
Bonds Domestic  7.35%    8.96%
Bonds Foreign 26.44%   28.87%
Equity Domestic  6.22%   6.69%
Equity Foreign 20.69%   19.87%
Real Estate Domestic  7.59%    7.19%
Real Estate Foreign  3.31%    3.58%  
Alternative Investments 18.82%   16.37%
 Direct Investments - mortgages  6.72%    6.69%  
Currency overlay  0.03%   -0.16%

 100%  1.23% 100%  8.18%







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