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RAM Active Investments SA



62, rue du Rhône

1204 Geneva


65, Talstrasse

8001 Zurich



51 Avenue John F. Kennedy
1855 Luxembourg

United Kingdom
35 Berkeley Square
W1J 5BF, London


Tel. +41 22 816 8730

Fax +41 22 816 8701



RAM Active Investments is an independent asset management company dedicated to institutional and professional clients.


As an active specialist and alternative asset manager, RAM’s mission is to deliver high risk-adjusted returns, diversification benefits, and liquid products and solutions to investors. RAM is privately-owned, majority held by employees. The firm takes a long-term perspective and keeps in mind the interests of all stakeholders.


Inefficiencies exist in global markets but the means of extracting alpha can vary by approach.


A disciplined and active management style that can deliver compelling value to investors. Rigorous in-house research strengthens objectivity of the alpha sourcing. As investors, RAM Active Investments strives to extend the possibilities in both the systematic and discretionary disciplines.



Systematic Equity Funds


As bottom-up active and alternative specialists, we seek to achieve for our clients consistent alpha generation over the long-term and across business cycles. We apply fundamental insights in an objective and disciplined manner, while taking advantage of market fragmentation, to uncover a broader spectrum of investment opportunities presented by behavior-led inefficiencies. The goal is to provide our investors with high risk-adjusted performance, accompanied by compelling diversification and liquidity benefits.     









Tactical Fixed Income


To help our clients navigate through uncharted interest rate environments and increasingly volatile market conditions, the RAM Tactical team is tasked with the responsibility to bring new thinking and unconventional approaches to the discretionary investment discipline. Our entrepreneurial roots prompt us to constantly develop innovative and flexible investment processes. Focused on exploiting asymmetrical opportunities and the generation of attractive risk-adjusted returns, we currently offer niche investment strategies across the fixed income spectrum.










Year established    2007
Assets under Management (in USD) 4.4 billion (as of July 2016)

Number of Srategies
- Systematic Long-Only Equities: 5
- Systematic Alternatives: 6
- Fixed Income: 3


Investment Teams




Thomas de Saint-Seine, Maxime Botti, Emmanuel Hauptmann, Thierry Dessingy, Valentin Betrix and Philippe Huber

Fixed Income:


Cédric Daras, Olivier Mulin, Gilles Pradère, Clement Perrette, Carl Wong and Richard Yang.

RAM is regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and operates as “authorized asset manager of collective investments” (CISA).


Team Contacts










Pierre-Olivier Pourcelot
Head of Sales & Marketing
Member of Executive Committee








Grégoire Glotin
Sales & Marketing
Managing Director








Eleonora Biella
Senior Sales Manager
Associate Director









Juliette Chevalier

Senior Sales Manager








Christopher Tremege
Sales & Client Relationships





This document is for informative purpose only and does not constitute an offer or solicitation to purchase or sell any investment products mentioned therein and should not be treated as giving investment advice. It is not intended for distribution, publication, or use in any jurisdiction where such distribution, publication, or use would be unlawful, nor is it directed to any person or entity to which it would be unlawful to direct such a document. The opinions herein do not take into account individual clients’ circumstances, objectives, or needs. Each client must make his own independent decisions regarding any securities or financial instruments mentioned herein. Before entering into any transaction, each client is urged to consider the suitability of the transaction to his particular circumstances and to independently review, with professional advisors as necessary, the specific risks incurred, in particular at the financial, regulatory, and tax levels.


The information and analysis contained herein have been based on sources believed to be reliable. However, RAM Active Investments S.A. does not guarantee their timeliness, accuracy, or completeness, nor does it accept any liability for any loss or damage resulting from their use. All information and opinions are subject to change without notice. The financial information mentioned in this document can fluctuate. Upon request, RAM Active Investments S.A. is available to provide more information to clients on risks associated with specific investments. Changes in the rate of exchange may also cause the value the investment to go up and down. Past performances, whether actual or back-tested, are not necessarily indicative of future performance. All rights reserved. No element of this publication can be copied, memorised electronically or transferred by any means, whether mechanically or electronically without the prior written consent of RAM Active Investments S.A.









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