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  Commerzbank AG / ComStage ETFs

  Utoquai 55

  CH-8034 Zürich



  Tel. +41 44 563 69 86




ComStage - The ETF Brand of Commerzbank


ComStage stands for close to 200 ETFs, covering a broad universe of investment topics and asset classes. It is the third largest ETF provider in Switzerland.




Commerzbank AG, Germany’s second largest bank, has been playing an important role in the European ETF market for long. It has been number 1 as an independent ETF market maker in terms of volume and number of trades.

ComStage is the ETF brand of Commerzbank AG. ComStage ETFs are very competitively priced with low total expense ratios, for example 0.08% p.a. for the ComStage DAX® TR UCITS ETF (Valor 4561632). The results: low tracking errors and tracking differences. In return, these advantages help to improve the performance of portfolios. In times of low yields, costs of all sorts are even more important for investors.


Exchange Traded Funds

ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds) are mainly passively managed investment funds. They aim at replicating indices as closely as possible. Active asset allocation decisions are not taken, what reduces expenses for research or does not require to deal with market timing questions. And thereby allows to pass on synergies to the investors and their portfolio performance. That is why ETFs have grown tremendously in asset volume since their start in Europe in the year 2000.




In a nutshell: Why ComStage ETFs?


  • Dividend yields beat income from bonds by far? DivDAX® (Valor 12603139) and EURO STOXX® Select Dividend 30 (Valor 4561438) might be the right choices for you
  • Markets are falling and you need a UCITS IV compliant solution? What about ComStage Short-ETFs: Commerzbank Bund-Future Short / Short DAX® / CAC 40® Short / EURO STOXX® 50 Daily Short
  • Commodities smart beta style, but without agriculture? ComStage Commerzbank Commodity ex-Agriculture EW Index TR UCITS ETF (Valor 10239604)
  • Goldmines? ComStage NYSE Arca Gold BUGS UCITS ETF could be the ETF of your choice (Valor 11058258)
  • An investment into US equities that was the best fund in 2014 according to Morningstar? Take a look at the ComStage MSCI USA Large Cap UCITS ETF (Valor 4878187)
  • Last but not least: ComStage ETF TERs are All-in-Fees below market average. The ComStage DAX® UCITS ETF charges a TER of just 0.08% p.a. (Valor 4561632).
  • ComStage was voted as "ETF provider of the year 2016" - detailed information can be found here:





ComStage ETFs replicat




  • Equity Indices


  • Sector Indices


  • Equity Strategies, leveraged or short


  • Fixed Income Indices


  • Bond Strategies, leveraged or short


  • Commodity Indices


  • Money Market Instruments


  • Smart Beta


  • Dividend Strategies


  • Complete Portfolio - ETFs






ComStage ETFs Contact



Marco Infuso

Head of Institutional Sales

ComStage ETFs Switzerland
Phone : +41 44 563 69 86
e-mail :







ComStage is registered in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. A comprehensive description of the fund terms and conditions is contained in the ComStage ETF sales prospectus. The full prospectus, the Key Investors Information (KIID), the Articles of Association and the latest annual and semi-annual reports are available free of charge in English from the following addresses: Germany: ComStage, Commerzbank AG, department CM-EMC, Kaiserplatz, 60311 Frankfurt am Main acts as information agent in Germany; Austria: Erste Bank der österreichischen Sparkassen AG, Graben 21, A-1010 Wien acts as the paying agent and fiscal agent in Austria; Switzerland: Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Zweigniederlassung Zürich, Utoquai 55, CH-8034 Zürich acts as the paying agent and representative in Switzerland; Management Company Luxembourg: Commerz Funds Solutions S.A., 25, rue Edward Steichen, L-2540 Luxembourg.

As of 1st September 2016.





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