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Stock Markets during the second World War
"Then in May 1942, just before the United States’ military fortunes in the Pacific improved, in the midst of the gloom and the bargains and at the point of maximum bearishness, the U.S. stock market made a bottom for the ages."
Wealth, War & Wisdom, 2008 , Barton Biggs

Memorable Bubble and Crashes: Chapter 1, The dotocom stars of the late 1990s
With equity markets currently very quiet, and most investors having lost interest in stocks, it's the perfect time to vizualise some of the most spectacular bubbles and crashes of the past twenty years.
Investments Office, September 2012 , Ronald Weber

How heavenly is the German haven?
Angela Merkel stated last week: “Germany is strong. Germany is the economic engine and the anchor of stability in Europe. (...) But Germany’s strength is not infinite”. We could not agree more with the latter part.
Lombard Odier, June 21, 2012 , Investment Strategy Group

Corporations and Cash Hoarding
Corporate cash holdings are at their highest ever, as these two interesting charts attest.
Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, 01.10.2011; WSJ, 2012

The Long March of the Euro Communist Economies
"The media all over the world, but especially in France, are presenting the crisis as a financial one, as if the governments and the politicians have no responsibility. This crisis is in fact very typical of a communist system arriving at the end of its ability to borrow and make the productive system service the debt it has accumulated, simply because the productive sector is going bust."
GaveKal Five Corners, Volume 12, Issue 24, Monday, December 12, 2011 , Anatole Kaletsky, Charles Gave, Francois Chauchat