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Beyond Finance

Drawing  Ideas, Inspiration and Models from other Fields



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Memory Sticks!
Gavekal Intelligence Software, The Quant Corner, June 2018 , Didier Darcet

Baseball Thoughts
"Baseball is about losing most of the/your time; for all the audience cheering and TV noise its natural pace is laconic."
Daily Speculations, October 23, 2017 , Anonymous and Stefan Jovanovich

The Wisdom of Trees:
Walt Whitman on What Our Silent Friends Teach Us About Being Rather Than Seeming
Brain Pickings, November 2017 , Maria Popova

Hoshinoya Tokyo: a ryokan in the city
in Tokyo , 8 November 2017 , Aiste Miseviciute

Fake News: Yellow Ain't Mellow
Fake news isn’t new. It was around over 100 years ago. Back then, they called it “Yellow Journalism.”
Fisher Investments MarketMinder, March 2, 2017 , Michael Hanson

The History of Zero: How Ancient Mesopotamia Invented the Mathematical Concept of Nought and Ancient India Gave It Symbolic Form
“If you look at zero you see nothing; but look through it and you will see the world.”
Brain Pickings, February 2017 , Maria Popova

The Master and his Knives
You can probably tell me what brand coat you have on, but can you tell me what brand of knife you used to prepare dinner last night? According to Jay Patel, owner of London-based Japanese Knife Company, the knife is humankind’s most valuable and underrated tool. , 31 January 2017 , Aiste Miseviciute

Salt in Their Veins
"The social structure of the inland Maine community is unlike anything you might meet with anywhere else. The kids never move out of the town they were raised in, there is no theft, the center of town is the fish store, or the post office."
Daily Speculations, July 19, 2016 , Victor Niederhoffer

Cheats and Deceits
How Animals and Plants Exploit and Mislead
Oxford University Press, February 2016 , Martin Stevens

Bristlecone Pines and Markets
Bristlecone Pines do very well where most other plants cannot even grow. What would be the equivalent in today's markets?
InvestmentOffice, February 2016 , Ronald Weber