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Markets in History

Historical Perspectives on Markets and the Economy

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Investors and the French Revolution
"Few people realize how active the Paris stock market was during the 1700s. The Paris stock exchange was founded on September 24, 1724, though shares in the French East India Co. (Compagnie des Indes) had traded in Paris for years."
Global Financial Data, 17 April 2019 , Dr. Brian Taylor

750 Years of Interest Rates
"With these two charts, you can see how unusual the current decline in interest rates is, pushing yields down to levels that hadnít been reached during the past seven centuries."
Global Financial Data, 3 March 2019 , Dr. Brian Taylor

The Forgotten Depression
1921: The Crash That Cured Itself
Simon & Schuster, November 17, 2015 , James Grant

Gold in Perspective
"There is no doubt that violating Federal Law and holding gold would have underperformed a diversified portfolio of stocks. However, the appropriate comparison is what cash, net of income tax, would have returned over this period. And here again calculating that is trickier than one might expect, because hundreds of banks failed in the 1930's and there was no FDIC insurance. And the Treasury didn't begin auctioning Tbills until 1929!"
Daily Speculations, March 6, 2019 , Larry Williams, Rocky Humbert

A Century of Chinese Stocks and Bonds
"London was the financial center of the world until World War II, and many companies in emerging markets listed their shares on the London Stock Exchange before a stock exchange even existed in that country. After World War I, many companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange."
Global Financial Data, 4 January 2019 , Dr. Brian Taylor

Finance vs. Wal-Mart: Why are Financial Services so Expensive?
"In the absence of evidence that increased trading led to either better prices or better risk sharing, we would have to conclude that the finance industry's share of GDP is about 2 percentage points higher than it needs to be and this would represent an annual misallocation of resources of about $280 billions for the U.S. "
Thomas Philippon, New York University

The Scandinavian Monetary Union of 1873
Together with the Latin Monetary Union of 1865, another example of a monetary union that didn't go quite as planned and ended before its 50th Birthday.
InvestmentOffice, February 2019

Events in Time Anniversaries: January 2019
25 years ago: January 1994 50 years ago: January 1969 100 years ago: January 1919 200 years ago: January 1819 300 years ago: January 1719
Global Financial Data, 22 January 2019 , Dr. Brian Taylor

The history (and future) of inflation ...
It may not feel like it, but we live in inflationary times relative to long-term history.
Deutsche Bank, Thematic Research, September 19, 2018 , Jim Reid, Craig Nicol, Nick Burns, Sahil Mahtani

American Default
The Untold Story of FDR, the Supreme Court, and the Battle over Gold
Princeton University Press, May 2018 , Sebastian Edwards