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Markets in History

Historical Perspectives on Markets and the Economy

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A Century of Chinese Stocks and Bonds
"London was the financial center of the world until World War II, and many companies in emerging markets listed their shares on the London Stock Exchange before a stock exchange even existed in that country. After World War I, many companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange."
Global Financial Data, 4 January 2019 , Dr. Brian Taylor

The Scandinavian Monetary Union of 1873
Together with the Latin Monetary Union of 1865, another example of a monetary union that didn't go quite as planned and ended before its 50th Birthday.
InvestmentOffice, February 2019

Events in Time Anniversaries: January 2019
25 years ago: January 1994 50 years ago: January 1969 100 years ago: January 1919 200 years ago: January 1819 300 years ago: January 1719
Global Financial Data, 22 January 2019 , Dr. Brian Taylor

The history (and future) of inflation ...
It may not feel like it, but we live in inflationary times relative to long-term history.
Deutsche Bank, Thematic Research, September 19, 2018 , Jim Reid, Craig Nicol, Nick Burns, Sahil Mahtani

American Default
The Untold Story of FDR, the Supreme Court, and the Battle over Gold
Princeton University Press, May 2018 , Sebastian Edwards

The Count of Monte Cristo
The Count of Monte Cristo has numerous financial data and speculations in it that shows that during the Napoleonic years there was active speculations.
Daily Speculations, September 16, 2018 , Victor Niederhoffer

General Electric: The Fallen Giant
"General Electricís decline has been steady during the 21st century. In 2000, GEís market cap was over $500 billion and as recently as 2005, General Electric was the largest company in the world. Since then, GE has lost over $400 billion in market cap, and today, GE doesnít even make the top 50 in the world."
Global Financial Data, 22 June 2018 , Dr. Brian Taylor

The Russian Stock Market Before the Revolution
"Russian stocks advanced more in price than American stocks between 1864 and 1914, but American companies paid larger dividends. Price and dividends offset each other and during that 45-year period, the two stock markets provided approximately equal returns."
Global Financial Data, 21 March 2018 , Dr. Brian Taylor

Market Capitalization Amazon vs. Sears
1999 vs. 2017
L2 Inc. December 2017 , Scott Galloway

Retail's Anti-Christ
Market Value Today vs. 2006
NYU, December 2017 , Scott Galloway