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Markets in History

Historical Perspectives on Markets and the Economy



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Market Capitalization Amazon vs. Sears
1999 vs. 2017
L2 Inc. December 2017 , Scott Galloway

Retail's Anti-Christ
Market Value Today vs. 2006
NYU, December 2017 , Scott Galloway

The First Billion-Dollar Company
It was only back in 1970 that the capitalization of the entire United States stock market hit $1 trillion and soon a single company may be worth that much. This raises the question, what was the first company to be worth $1 billion?
Global Financial Data, 15 November 2017 , Dr. Brian Taylor

Volatility (or Lack Thereof) Isn’t Predictive
"While it’s tempting to think danger lurks under still waters—and financial media provide prompts aplenty—calm periods don’t portend big price movements ahead. Nor do they herald further tranquility. Volatility—low or high; up or down—is incapable of foretelling the future."
Fisher Investments MarketMinder, November 16, 2017 , Editorial Staff

The Bank Bubble of 1929
"In reality, the bull market of the 1920s had more of an impact upon utility stocks and bank stocks than it did on industrial and railroad stocks."
Global Financial Data, June 3, 2017 , Dr. Brian Taylor

Benjamin Harrison and the Terrible Tariff
"The Smoot-Hawley Act of 1930 is blamed for intensifying the Great Depression, and the lesser-known McKinley Tariff of 1890 provides an instructive lesson on how protectionist policies can impact the stock market and politics."
Global Financial Data, January 25th 2017 , Dr. Brian Taylor

The Future of Energy Prices: Lessons from 750 Years of History
"... for most of history, commodity prices stayed the same for periods of several centuries. It was mainly in the 1500s and the 1900s that the world experienced irreversible increases in commodity prices."
Global Financial Data, January 5th 2017 , Dr. Brian Taylor

The Priceless Parable of Price Discovery
“Gentlemen prefer bonds.” So quipped Andrew Mellon in 1929 as stocks fell and investors rushed into bonds, pushing their yields down and prices up. Historians recount that the flight to safety had anything but a smooth landing.
Money Strong, December 21, 2016 , Danielle DiMartino Booth

Donald Trump on Wall Street
There are so many different aspects of Donald Trump’s life that we could talk about, but the focus here is on Trump’s two publicly traded companies, Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts Inc. and Trump Entertainment Resorts, Inc.
Global Financial Data, October 12th 2016 , Dr. Brian Taylor

Are You Ready for the Bubble of the 2020s?
"If you look back at the stock market over the past 350 years, you’ll find that in each Century, the Twenties have always enjoyed bull markets in equities; this rings true for the 1720s, the 1820s and the 1920s."
Global Financial Data, July 14th 2016 , Dr. Brian Taylor