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Bad Things That Didn't Happen in 2017
A look at the false fears that weren’t.
Fisher Investments MarketMinder, 12/28/2017 , Editorial Staff

Market Capitalization Amazon vs. Sears
1999 vs. 2017
L2 Inc. December 2017 , Scott Galloway

Changes at the Top
The Five Largest Companies: Now vs. 2006
NYU, December 2017 , Scott Galloway

Retail's Anti-Christ
Market Value Today vs. 2006
NYU, December 2017 , Scott Galloway

The Questions for the Coming Year
"As Charles has shown over the years, this is the best combination for equity markets, as tight fiscal policy and loose money almost invariably leads to far higher P/E ratios. Alas, the opposite is true for the reverse: loose fiscal policy and tight money typically trigger a de-rating of equity markets. And this is the policy mix we seem to be heading towards."
Gavekal Research, December 15, 2017 , Louis-Vincent Gave

Devil’s in the Details: Robo Analysts, Financial Footnotes, and Buried Insights
"In all honesty, real fundamental analysis hasn’t mattered since before the tech bubble, but the industry is running out of ways to avoid doing this research. Consequently, what we’re seeing now is a return to fundamental research."
Prattle, December 14, 2017

Volatility (or Lack Thereof) Isn’t Predictive
"While it’s tempting to think danger lurks under still waters—and financial media provide prompts aplenty—calm periods don’t portend big price movements ahead. Nor do they herald further tranquility. Volatility—low or high; up or down—is incapable of foretelling the future."
Fisher Investments MarketMinder, November 16, 2017 , Editorial Staff

Money Machines: Understanding AI-Powered Investment Research
Prattle is pleased to publish this interview with Erez Katz, CEO and co-founder of Lucena Research, focusing on how machine… Read More
Prattle, November 16, 2017

Asset Class Returns in Swiss Francs (2007 - 2016)
Hinder Asset Management, February 2017 , Dr. Alex Hinder

This Is Not the Financial Crisis’s 10-Year Anniversary
10 years ago today, France’s largest bank froze three hedge funds as subprime-panicked investors fled. Headlines globally are calling this the beginning of the Global Financial Crisis, and at first blush, it certainly has all the trappings. Packaged subprime mortgages, a run on a bank, a liquidity crunch and hard-to-value assets.
Fisher Investments MarketMinder, August 9, 2017 , Elisabeth Dellinger