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Non-Linear Views on Financial Markets and the Economy

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Central Banks Are Messing with Your Head
By directly influencing peoples' valuation scales through the manipulation of market interest rates, central banks affect every aspect of peoples' lives. It amounts to a "Revaluation of all Values", to use a term coined by the German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche.
Mises Institute, 03/21/2019 , Thorsten Polleit

The Forgotten Depression
1921: The Crash That Cured Itself
Simon & Schuster, November 17, 2015 , James Grant

Part 2: Our Evaluation of the Global Economic Cycle
The Bearish View of the Global Economic Cycle
Brandywine Global, Around the Curve, April 10 2019 , Anujeet Sareen, CFA, Portfolio Manager

I Get Knocked Down, Then I Get Knocked Down AgainÖ
When Will Value Investing Get Back Up?
Brandywine Global, Around the Curve, March 25 2019 , Patrick S. Kaser, CFA

Part 1: Our Evaluation of the Global Economic Cycle
The Bullish View of the Global Economic Cycle
Brandywine Global, Around the Curve, April 3 2019 , Anujeet Sareen, CFA, Portfolio Manager

10 Years of Slow Growth Fears
Growth slowdown fears appear omnipresent these days as investors worry this long global economic expansion is on the wane. But slowish growth isnít a bull market killeróas stocksí overall rise over the last decade attests.
Fisher Investments MarketMinder, 03/25/2019 , Editorial Staff

Clash of Empires: Currencies and Power in a Multipolar World
Empires usually start off as road-building exercises. Which explains why, in Europe, everyone says that ďall roads lead to RomeĒ. And when they donít build roads, empires build canals: the French built the Suez Canal (only to see the British buy Egyptís stake once the hard work had been done), the Americans built the Panama Canal and, less happily, the Soviets built the Aral Sea Canals (which ended up triggering one of the greatest ecological disasters of all time).
Gavekal, March 2019 , by Charles Gave & Louis-Vincent Gave

Chinaís Gangbusters Loan Growth
China likes doing things on a grand scale; its recent stimulus is no exception.
Fisher Investments MarketMinder, 03/04/2019 , Editorial Staff

David Bowie and the Internet vs. "Itís just a tool though, isnít it ?" and "itís simply a different delivery system".
David Bowie speaks to Jeremy Paxman on BBC Newsnight, 1999

A Century of Chinese Stocks and Bonds
"London was the financial center of the world until World War II, and many companies in emerging markets listed their shares on the London Stock Exchange before a stock exchange even existed in that country. After World War I, many companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange."
Global Financial Data, 4 January 2019 , Dr. Brian Taylor