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Non-Linear Views on Financial Markets and the Economy

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Chinaís Gangbusters Loan Growth
China likes doing things on a grand scale; its recent stimulus is no exception.
Fisher Investments MarketMinder, 03/04/2019 , Editorial Staff

David Bowie and the Internet vs. "Itís just a tool though, isnít it ?" and "itís simply a different delivery system".
David Bowie speaks to Jeremy Paxman on BBC Newsnight, 1999

A Century of Chinese Stocks and Bonds
"London was the financial center of the world until World War II, and many companies in emerging markets listed their shares on the London Stock Exchange before a stock exchange even existed in that country. After World War I, many companies listed on the New York Stock Exchange."
Global Financial Data, 4 January 2019 , Dr. Brian Taylor

The Broken Window Fallacy
"In 1850, the French economist Frederic Bastiat introduces the concept of opportunity cost with a fallacy in Chapter I of his book ďCe quíon voit et ce quíon ne voit pasĒ (What we see and what we donít see). In Bastiatís tale, a manís son breaks a pane of glass, which ultimately stimulates the economy."
Gavekal Intelligence Software, The Quant Corner, February 2019 , Didier Darcet

The Evolution of Swiss Institutional Investor Portfolios
1920 - 2017
Corestone Investment Managers, 2018

The Scandinavian Monetary Union of 1873
Together with the Latin Monetary Union of 1865, another example of a monetary union that didn't go quite as planned and ended before its 50th Birthday.
InvestmentOffice, February 2019

Shallower Cycles?
"Less vigorous expansions spread over longer periods would entail a fundamental change in the risk/return dynamics of markets and a resulting shift in expectations."
Lobnek Wealth Management, February 2019 , Altug Ulkumen

Events in Time Anniversaries: January 2019
25 years ago: January 1994 50 years ago: January 1969 100 years ago: January 1919 200 years ago: January 1819 300 years ago: January 1719
Global Financial Data, 22 January 2019 , Dr. Brian Taylor

US Banks Havenít Behaved Like This Since 2009
If there is one thing Ben Bernanke got right, it was this.
Alhambra Investment Partners, December 11, 2018 , Jeffrey P. Snider

Economics Is Easy When You Donít Have To Try
The real question is why no one says anything. They can continue to make these grossly untrue, often contradictory statements without fear of having to explain themselves. Donít even think about repercussions. Even in front of politicians ostensibly being there on behalf of the public, pedigree still matters more than results.
Alhambra Investment Partners, December 7, 2018 , Jeffrey P. Snider