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Non-Linear Views on Financial Markets and the Economy



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Don’t Speak Fedspeak
The Fed’s words are just that—not actions—and its words are squishy. Two other words many Fed observers love to cite as gospel: “data dependent.” As in, the Fed’s monetary policy will be “data dependent.”
Fisher Investments MarketMinder, 05/15/2019 , Editorial Staff

Payrolls Like GDP: Headlines Good, Underneath Really, Really Not
If the unemployment rate reaches zero and wages still don’t explode higher, the economy falls off, will Economists, central bankers, and the media stop relying on this one statistic for overall economic interpretation?
Alhambra Investment Partners, May 3rd, 2019 , Jeffrey P. Snider

Investors' Personality Influences Investment Decisions: Experimental Evidence on Extraversion and Neuroticism
"The authors find that extraversion and neuroticism significantly influence individuals' behavior in the experimental asset market."
Journal of Behavioral Finance, Volume 19, 2018 - Issue 1 , Andreas Oehler, Stefan Wendt, Florian Wedlich & Matthias Horn

Investors and the French Revolution
"Few people realize how active the Paris stock market was during the 1700s. The Paris stock exchange was founded on September 24, 1724, though shares in the French East India Co. (Compagnie des Indes) had traded in Paris for years."
Global Financial Data, 17 April 2019 , Dr. Brian Taylor

Archetypes as Triggers of Financial Bubbles
"The author aims to demonstrate the workings of archetypes and proposes a measurement methodology designed to capture the subliminal forces that influence investment decisions."
Journal of Behavioral Finance, Volume 18, 2017 - Issue 1 , Niklas Hageback

750 Years of Interest Rates
"With these two charts, you can see how unusual the current decline in interest rates is, pushing yields down to levels that hadn’t been reached during the past seven centuries."
Global Financial Data, 3 March 2019 , Dr. Brian Taylor

Explaining the High P/E Ratios: The Message from the Gordon Model
The Journal Of Investment Management, Vol. 16 No.4, 2018 , Heinz Zimmermann

The Market for Lemmings: The Herding Behavior of Pension Funds
Journal of Financial Markets, November 2017 , David Blake, Lucio Sarno, and Gabriele Zinna

Central Banks Are Messing with Your Head
By directly influencing peoples' valuation scales through the manipulation of market interest rates, central banks affect every aspect of peoples' lives. It amounts to a "Revaluation of all Values", to use a term coined by the German philosopher Frederick Nietzsche.
Mises Institute, 03/21/2019 , Thorsten Polleit

The Forgotten Depression
1921: The Crash That Cured Itself
Simon & Schuster, November 17, 2015 , James Grant