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Do stocks outperform Treasury bills?
"All of the wealth creation can be attributed to the thousand top-performing stocks, while the remaining 96 percent of stocks collectively matched one-month T-bills."
Arizona State University, W. P. Carey School of Business, May 2018 , Prof. Hendrik Bessembinder, Francis J. and Mary B. Labriola

The ECB’s QE End Is Bullish
Closing the chapter on QE is bullish—not bearish—for investors, in our view.
Fisher Investments MarketMinder, 11/08/2018 , Editorial Staff

Can banks individually create money out of nothing? — The theories and the empirical evidence
International Review of Financial Analysis, Volume 36, December 2014 , Richard A. Werner

Notes on The Bitcoin Standard
"Bitcoin, as designed, is deflationary."
Man on the Margin, July 16, 2018 , Michael Kendall

What do rising rates mean for international investments?
OFI Global Asset Management, October 11, 2018 , Brian Levitt

Do we still believe interest rates will remain low for long?
OFI Global Asset Management, October 11, 2018 , Brian Levitt

American Default
The Untold Story of FDR, the Supreme Court, and the Battle over Gold
Princeton University Press, May 2018 , Sebastian Edwards

Bloomberg: Prattle Analysis Shows Men Speak 92% of Time on Earnings Calls
Prattle, September 18, 2018

Asian currencies vs. Yuan, rebased at 100 on 31.12.2013
The author (Charles Gave) notes, ten years after the 2008 crisis, a convergence of Asian currencies towards the Yuan, similar to the fluctuation band pattern before the introduction of the Euro.
Institut des Libertés, "Guerre Commerciale Chine/ Etats-Unis" , Charles Gave

...on The Diversification Fata Morgana.
The Diversification Fata Morgana: Capital Account Openness and the Fall and Rise of Stock Market Correlations, 1890-2000 , 2015 , Dennis Quinn and Hans-joachim Voth